Our Story

Blynd began when Milan lost his sight. He was diagnosed with acanthamoeba keratitis, a serious infection of the eye that can cause permanent blindness. Milan was to undergo extensive eye treatment, with no guarantee for his vision to return. He was completely blind.

After months of treatment, and a successful cornea transplant, Milan started to regain vision in one of his eyes. Hope for full vision was restored. 

As life was getting back to normal for him, the unexpected happened. Milan was a front seat passenger in a head on car crash, with him absorbing most of the impact. He sustained serious injuries, one being a ruptured globe of the eye.

Unable to see out of his right eye to this day, with his left eye still having damage from the original acanthamoeba, Milan continues to fight for his sight. He's never complained, and pushes everyday to see again. His courage was the catalyst for Blynd.
Blynd is all about your Y. Your Y is your purpose. It inspires you to live life without fear or regret, making you Blynd to all obstacles on your path.
Milan's Y is to regain sight and live a normal life, and he is Blynd to anything trying to stop him.