Our Y

We are beyond grateful for your love and support. Blynd began when Milan lost his sight, and has since evolved into a brand with a powerful message. Blynd is all about your Y. Your Y is your purpose. It inspires you to live life without fear or regret, making you Blynd to all obstacles on your path.

Blynd incorporates the color purple to bring awareness to epilepsy, and is a tribute to Adi's grandfather and sister who #stayblynd to epilepsy daily.

Our Y is to create a brand that not only gives back to communities in need, but one that also inspires, empowers, and leads people to their purpose; their Y.
We are Blynd to the naysayers, to the status quo, and to the current state of negativity in the world.
Our Y Keeps Us Blynd. 

Adi's Y: 

My Y is to remain authentic and true to the higher self, connected to the absolute and everything it encompasses; friends, family, community, and you.

I am Blynd to fear. I am Blynd to doubt. My Y keeps me Blynd. #stayblynd